Sunday, June 10, 2012

My kind of weather and my time of year!!!!

YESSSSSS!!!!!  I loved today!!  The high temp was 91 degrees!  I even got to go for a run today!  I have to admit that I, like anyone else, do not run as well when it's this hot.  I ran slower than usual and sweat more than usual!  I just love the sunshine and the feeling of 1 layer of shorts and sleeveless shirt!  In the middle of winter while wearing layers of long running clothes, I long for these days. 
At 7am, I looked at the weather thingy on my ipod and it said 70 degrees with the high reaching 91.  I thought to myself that I should get going before the temp gets too much higher but...I didn't quite make it!!  It was after 10 before I got going.  (and, yes, it was 90 by then.)  
It was fun while it lasted and then it was back home to get working on a project for the music class.  I got it done, yippie!  I also worked on some other homework for that class.  What a way to ruin a beautiful day.  Being the world's oldest college student requires sacrifice. 
It's close to my favorite time of the year, the time when it's light out super early and still light out between 9:30 - 9:45 pm!!  Tonight I noticed that it was still a tiny bit light out at 9:30. That's the great thing about living on the western side of a time zone!!

I am down to 6 months until I graduate!!  I'm excited and it won't come soon enough!  Until then, I have to just keep at it no matter how hard it is to stay focused. 

Runner Nerd
sweaty but smart

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