Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Run Slow

Sooooo, the other day I ordered college graduation announcements for my oldest kid.  I know this is what everyone says and it's totally dorky but it's true:  it seems like just yesterday I was leaving him off at his first day of kindergarten.  I really don't think I am old enough to have a kid fully grown up!!! 
I'm very proud of him and I am very happy that I am done sending money to Michigan State University!!!!  Although...there is the $160 diploma frame that the kid wants and the Student Bookstore keeps sending me reminders that my kid wants it!!  I've heard that it takes several months before they actually get the diploma so it can wait till after graduation. 

I am down to 8 weeks out from the half marathon I registered for wayyyyy back on December 1st.  I have a really really long way to go in those 8 weeks.  The last 3 weeks I've cut 2 of my long runs short.  The first time it was because I was having a bad reaction to a tetanus shot but I don't know what to say about  last week.  The first time I cut 8 back to 6 then the next week I ran 8 and last week intended to run 10 but barely made it 8 miles.  Both weeks that I ran 8 the last mile was really tough.  Today my last mile was also really tough although mile 9 was the slowest.  I must be so out of shape; I can't even run under 10 minute miles after 2 or 3 miles.  It's such an effort too.   I am really sore after long runs which is odd.  Not just a little sore but a lot sore.   The half marathon is quite flat and I really really really want to run it in under 2 hours.
I need to run more than 12 or 15 miles per week but it's difficult to do with full time school and part time work.  I'm still working even though I quit a long time ago; I'm not sure how that happened!  Beginning this week I will have class on Fridays through the end of the semester.  It's getting close to finals time too and I need to study A LOT.  The last few weeks there have been many times I wanted to go running but didn't so I could study and do homework.  Tomorrow I will be at the library all afternoon studying for tests I have on Monday and Tuesday.  I don't think it can get any more exciting than that! 

Well, I am going to take my sore legs and crawl up the stairs and crawl into bed and hope that they hurt less tomorrow morning! 

(slow) Runner Nerd

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