Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring?? Will it stay?

Today the temperature hit 80!!!  Yep!!  I noticed that it was sunny outside from my view out the dining room window as I was working on my paper which is due tomorrow (now finished).  I decided to open the window and the air coming in felt warm, I checked the themometer and it said 78!!  I had to walk outside and see for myself and then I just knew that I had to do it!!  In spite of the fact that I had to finish that paper and then study for the test I have tomorrow I just had to do it.  There was no way that I could not do it!!  It is going for a run!!  I dug out the cute running skirt I wore in the marathon last October and even ran in a sleeveless top!!  The temperature had hit 80 by the time I got to the trail to run!  It felt great! 

Well, I better get back to studying for that test!!

Runner Nerd
Happy runner today! 

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