Sunday, April 10, 2011

I still run slow

My last post was titled, " I run slow" and began with ordering my son's college graduation announcements.  Well....the announcements arrived and I got a bit teary and choked up when I looked at them and I STILL run slow! 
This semester is getting closer to being over; I think there is only 3 weeks to go.  I have more work than ever to do before the last day.  I have one test after another in these next 3 weeks.  I haven't even started to prepare for finals yet.  Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt.  There is no break between semesters either.  My last class for this term is on a Tuesday and the following Monday Summer term begins.  5 days to relax!!!!!!!!  I need to clean my car out; it looks like I live in it.  I've never slept in my car but it sure looks like I live out of it!!!  I also need to do major house cleaning that I have neglected.  Yeah, I'm going to spend my 5 days off cleaning my car and house....NOTTTTTTT!!!!  I want to sleep in every morning like when I worked nights back in the day.  I want to go running.  I want to go to movies.  I want to read something other than textbooks.  I don't want to do anything grown up related!!!  We will see what happens! 

My half marathon is 7 weeks out from today.  Do I ever have a long way to go in those 7 weeks.  I ran 6 today and it nearly did me in.  It seemed more difficult than when I ran 10 last Saturday.  I did have a 9:17 and a 9:22 mile (miles 4&5) don't know where those came from!!  Then the last mile was 10:09.  I did speedwork with a group on Tuesday.  That was a first in a long time!  We did sets of 400, 200, 200 with 200 recovery in between each repeat and a few extra seconds between each set.  4 sets total.  I was amazed that my 400s were ALL under 2 minutes.  3 at 1:58 (wow-imagine me consistent!) and one at 1:52 (hard to believe!)  the 200s were between 52 and 58 except for the very last one which was 1 minute even; I was worn out.  It rained the whole time.  There were 3 of us out there running around the track in the rain; I can't imagine what that looked like!!  I told the coach that it was stupid and he said, "and you drove here to do this"!!!  I hate running in rain and I hate being cold so WHY was I there????? 
The most exciting thing I have to say is that today for the very first time this year I ran in shorts and short sleeves!!!! I hope that is a trend that will continue!!  It was wonderful to do so! 

Well, I'm falling asleep so I guess I need to go crawl into bed. 

Runner Nerd

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