Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running without guilt!!! AND Nerd status retained!!!!!!

9 am: a very difficult final exam for which I studied for all last week and weekend.
Then: work 4 hours
Then: check to see if exam grade posted just before leaving work.
Then: see excellent grade on final exam and see 4.0 for overall class grade!
Then: go to park where my favorite running route starts.
Then: change clothes in back seat of car (thanks to the miracle of tinted windows!).
Then: take off on a fun, guilt free 4.5 mile run along the Huron River on a beautiful, sunny and nearly 70 degree afternoon!!  Oh, it felt sooooooo great!!  The weather and no weight of the world on my shoulders!!! (or at least the weight of my future career!)  I saw BABY duckies for the first time this year during my run!!  It must be spring for sure!!  The rowing crews were out on Argo Pond and there was even some muddy spots on the Argo Bluff trail though the woods!!! 
I have 5 whole days off before the next semester begins!!!  I rented a DVD on the way home after running!!  I haven't done that in a very long time. 
I have nothing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW, what a feeling!!!!  Well, I guess that isn't entirely true.  My house is a mess and my car looks like I live in it so I guess I could find something to do but maybe tomorrow!!  I should probably mail my son's graduation announcements too, after all, graduation is May 7th! 
The class that ended today was tough.  I went into this final one point below a 4.0.  I HAD to ace this final to bring my percentage up to a 4.0.  I barely got the 4.0.  I went into my other final well into 4.0 range and would have had to really mess up to bring my grade down below a 4.0. (I prefer it that way!)  Next semester I'll have 2 classes again and I start hospital clinicals 2 full days per week.  I will be in classes 2 full days and clinical 2 full days.  Today was also the last day that I will be working.  It's bittersweet; I will miss some things about my job but it is too difficult to try to work and go to school full time.  I am still an employee and will be working during August when I have the month off between summer and fall semesters.  I was really glad that they wanted to keep me on as an inactive employee. 

Well, I'm going to go watch that DVD now!!!!!!!!!  Don't look for me very early tomorrow morning either!!!

Runner Nerd
who is on a 5 day nerd break!

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