Saturday, April 30, 2011

Water Everywhere!!

I've heard of "water under the bridge" but what about water OVER the bridge?

I had to do my long run on Friday afternoon this week.  I had to move most of my daughter's junk stuff out of her dorm today. 
The Huron River always swells in the spring but this was quite something!  In several places along my route there was some water on the trails but in one area the trail was completely under water!!  A bridge was even under water!  These pictures were taken in Fuller Park along Island Drive. 
I guess I am NOT going to continue over this bridge!

the river is on the other side of those trees!

The Huron River overflowed!


Too much water

The river is supposed to stop on the other side of the trees.

It's now down to only 4 weeks until the half marathon.  I'm still running so slow.  Next Saturday my son graduates from college so I am not sure hwo I am going to work in my long run.  I will probably have to try to run on Friday again.

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