Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Festivities

After my daughter graduated and moved back home with her 4 year accumulation of stuff and her cat, Christmas came and went. 
The Thursday before Christmas was the running group yearly Christmas light run.  We run through two subdivisions near the running store to see all of the lights.  After the run we have food.   We donned Christmas lights, silly sweaters and hats to go for a run! 
Runners preparing for the Christmas light run
Lights on my hat and a beautiful Christmas sweater vest
I made a crock pot of chili and I made cookies in the shapes of a running shoe and a Christmas light bulb but I never took any pictures of the cookies.
My daughter and I did a bunch of baking the day before this party.  We also made the normal Christmas cookie shaped cookies along with the running cookies.  My daughter found a recipe that she wanted to try; she even bought all the ingredients for them.  They turned out pretty good -
Melting snowman cookies!

The Sunday before Christmas, my family had our annual Christmas get together with extended family.  This year we went to my cousin's house in Ohio.  I had found a recipe that I wanted to try but wasn't sure if I wanted to put the effort into it.  I'm pretty good at baking but I don't really do anything fancy.  It was for a chocolate loaf cake with a Christmas tree inside of it.  When sliced, the slices show the tree.  Here's how it turned out:
Yes, I really did make this!
I was afraid to cut it because I didn't think mine would turn out but it did!  The center is made from a pound cake.  The recipe calls for a frozen pound cake but my daughter thought that I should make the pound cake that I made for strawberry shortcake back in the summer.  The pound cake is sliced and the tree shapes cut from the slices, batter is put in the bottom of the cake pan and the slices of pound cake stood up in a line touching each other down the middle of the pan.  The rest of the cake batter is poured over the trees and it's baked.  Very complicated for me!!  I'm glad it turned out!  

Christmas Eve was church.  I love the Christmas Eve church service.  It is what Christmas is all about to me. 
 My family was originally going to get together on Christmas day at my sister's house but then plans changed because my sister from Maryland flew back on Christmas afternoon and being at my house is closer to the airport so she could leave later.  Sooooooo, because of that, we had to find ways to stash all of my daughter's stuff throughout the house so the place didn't look like a hoarder house!   My sister from California was here too!  All four of us were in the same place at the same time!
The Miller Girls
I think that's about it for Christmas.  I have been doing my long runs on Saturdays but haven't been doing very much running during the week.  I ran 10 miles last Saturday.  My run was slow and difficult which I think has something to do with three days of eating lots of candy and cookies!  I guess it's all my fault!  Saturday marked three weeks until the Key West Half Marathon!  Next week I'll run 12, the week after I'll run 8 and then it's time to go to Key West!!  Hard to believe it's getting so close! 
I still don't know where I'm running on New Years Eve.  I can't find any info on the 5K in Jackson and nobody I ask knows anything.  There is one in Ann Arbor that starts at midnight so I may go to that one. 
I'm behind on my log book so I'm not sure how many miles I'll have for the year.  My New Year's resolution was to keep up with the log book.  Oops!  I think I'll have to make the same resolution for 2014! 

Runner Nerd
survived Christmas once again

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