Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Hustle 5K

Yesterday afternoon was the annual Holiday Hustle 5K in Dexter, MI.  This race takes place at 4:30 pm so it's still light out but daylight is beginning to fade so light up accessories show up quite well! 
I was once again decked out in battery operated lights!
Ready to run.
It's all about the reindeer antlers!
I have some crazy friends:
I want a Santa dress! 
As I mentioned in my post earlier, I did run this morning. I ran 6.6 miles.  Toward the end of the run I began feeling my inner thigh muscle again.  It wasn't painful but it was there.  UGH, enough already.  I even wore compression shorts under my tights.  After I got home, things seemed to feel ok.  I had a few hours before having to go and run again.  I decided to go to the 5K because I wasn't racing; I was just going to run easy and not worry about time.  I also had to get all of my things for church ready.  I got everything packed and got my lights pinned on, my striped knee socks on, jingling bell necklace, jingle bell pony tail tie, jingle bell bracelet and my reindeer antler headband.  
I saw all my crazy runner friends there!  We took photos and admired each others snazzy outfits! 
The race went well, I just ran at an easy, comfortable pace.  Somewhere along the way I began feeling something in my upper leg.  It never got really bad, I didn't have to slow my pace.  I don't know what's going on.  I'm going to have to make a visit to one of the runner's injury clinics. 
I ended up with 28:26 which is faster than I planned to run. 
Just like I planned, I crossed the finish line and headed right back to my car.  I started it and turned on the heat and jumped in the back seat and proceeded to change into my church clothes!  I love Burts Bees body wipes!  It was really cold and I didn't push myself at all so I wasn't very sweaty. 
I took off from there to Belleville.  I went to my niece's church for an Advent service.  It was a candlelight service with a lot of music.  My niece was singing.  It was a very nice service.  My niece sang a solo of Oh Holy Night.  I was in tears.  I've heard her sing it before but this time she was accompanied by piano and guitar and it was just beautiful.  She had asked me to record it on her cell phone.  I noticed that her battery was very low so I checked mine and I had nearly full battery so I decided that I better use both phones just in case.  I had the phones ready, she told me to get ready when the whole congregation sang Joy to the World.  A man sang after that and then it was her.  I had a phone in each hand with my elbows braced against my stomach so I wouldn't move the phones.  As she was belting out "fall on your knees", the tears started and there was no holding them back.  I got a little shaky but got my self under control.  It's a good thing that I used both phones because I glanced at the phone and the screen was blue and said that the battery was too low to record and to connect it to a power source.  It turns out that her phone was still recording and just barely made it.  It was dead so she had to plug it in at home to see if the whole song got recorded or not. 
I was exhausted by the time I got home!  This was a very long day!

Runner Nerd
ran 2 runs in one day

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