Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Baby's College Graduation

Yesterday, my baby girl graduated from college.  I still remember the day I took her to college.  We moved her into her dorm room and we went to Sam's Club to buy a refrigerator. While we were in line to check out, she just began crying and saying, "you're just going to leave me here" over and over.  I didn't know what to do.  I'll never forget it.  Well, she adjusted just fine and made it through 4.5 years and graduated! 
We got there around 1pm.  My Dad has a big enclosed trailer that he hauls his snowmobiles in.  We loaded most of her possessions in it including a couch, a chair, her bed and many boxes of things.  It had snowed all night and the roads were snow covered.  My Dad had to drive slow but we made it up there.  We went for lunch and then changed and headed out to graduation.
The drive over to the basketball stadium was really bad, it was snowing and blowing, the snow was getting deep.
Just graduated!
CMU Class of 2013
Her sash is for studying abroad in Belize.  It has the flag of Belize on it.  The gold cords are for honors.  I am beyond proud of this girl!
After graduation, we took some pictures and trekked through the ankle deep snow to my Dad's SUV.  It had been snowing the whole time.  We drove back to her apartment and we headed for home.  The drive home took longer, the roads were getting really bad.  
She (and her cat) will be home tomorrow.  Right now, she's not sure what will be next.  She has had one interview.
I don't know where the years went.  It's hard to believe that she's graduated from college.

Runner Nerd
Mom of college graduate

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