Thursday, December 12, 2013

Missing the Jingle Belle 5K

For the first time ever, I registered for a race and will not be able to run it.  I registered a couple of months ago for a race this Saturday knowing that my daughter graduates from college but not until 5pm.  Now I find out that we will have to be up there around 1 pm because we have to move a lot of her stuff out of her apartment.  I am going to packet pick up tomorrow afternoon to get my shirt.  I've run this race the past three years so I think it will be ok to have the shirt. If the race was at 9am I could probably do it but it doesn't start until 10 am. 
The race is at the Delta Twp. Library which is right by the Lansing Mall.  I always go to Barnes & Noble after the race and buy my new log book for the next year.  I'm going to do that after packet pick up. 

My laptop has been overheating lately.  The fan will sound like an airplane about to take off.  I have been careful to make sure nothing is blocking the vents.  If I use it on my lap, it is on a cooling pad.  When the fan starts to sound like an airplane, I shut it down for a while to prevent it overheating to the point that it shuts itself off.  I did some googling to see what I could find out.  I thought that it was going to have to have a new fan.  I shined a light into the vents but couldn't see any dust blocking them.  I took it to a place today and the man used a can of compressed air to blow dust out of the fan.  The dust is in the blades of the fan.  He said he could tell by the sound of the fan that it was clogged with dust.  He showed me how to blow the air into the vent - with the laptop open and sitting on the side (screen and keyboard making an L shape so it will stand up) and just using short bursts of air.  He did not even charge me but asked me to contribute to the local high school media center fund.  If anyone in Jackson, MI needs any computer service, I highly recommend Pro-Tech Computers on Horton Rd. 

Runner Nerd
sad to be missing a favorite race but happy that her computer is not dieing.

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