Sunday, December 15, 2013

Running in the Snow

Yesterday I was so disappointed to have to miss the Jingle Belle Women's 5K.  It snowed all night and the roads were covered.  It would have been fun to go and run through the snow.  But, it was my daughter's college graduation and we had to go up and move her out of her apartment before the graduation.  I posted on Thursday that I was planning to pick up my packet and shirt on Friday which I did.  I've run the race the last three years so I don't feel bad wearing the shirt.  I looked up the results today and found out that the winning time was 25 minutes so the course must have been really bad.  The winning time is usually 20-21 minutes.  (It's only women.)
I got my fill of running in the snow today!  I ran in the town of Chelsea.  I run mostly in neighborhood streets.  The footing was really bad.  It was either ankle deep snow or it was a slushy mess.  I ran 4 miles and it took 42 minutes.  There were times I was going really slow.
I took a few pictures, mostly because the friend who I am going to Key West with is in Florida right now and I thought she should see what I went through today!
paved trail that had seen a snow blower

For the full effect, I put the hood of my shirt back on:
Wooded trail
In the cemetery I made tracks through the snow!  I was the first to trek through this particular path:
My tracks in the snow

I had a hard time getting out the door to run today.  It was one of those days.  It was 23 degrees.  As I was running there were times that it was tough because of the snow but after I was done I was so glad that I had got out and ran!  I even saw 5 others out running which always motivates me.  One of the sayings you hear a lot is that you never regret that you ran but you regret when you didn't run.  Today was a perfect example of that!  After running, I had to stop in the grocery store for a few things.  I felt so hard core in my running clothes! 

Runner Nerd
ran through the snow

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