Monday, December 9, 2013

Handel's Messiah

Yesterday I went to see a performance of Handel's Messiah at Hill Auditorium at University of Michigan.  I saw an article on the Ann Arbor News online edition on Friday.  I thought, I've never seen it and I could go on Sunday!  Total spur of the moment, I found the ticket sales online and found a single seat available in the front row of the balcony! 
Being on the campus of UM, parking is in parking garages around town.  I parked in the Maynard St. garage which looked to be pretty close on the map.  Bonus - FREE on Sundays!  I allowed plenty of time since the instructions were to pick up tickets no later than 30 minutes prior to the show.  I started to get nervous as I circled each level of the garage which seemed to be full.  Finally, on the top level there were some spots.  I walked to Hill Auditorium in no time; it wasn't a long walk at all.  I got my ticket at the ticket window and went into the entrance to the Auditorium.  It was 1:10.  I guess I wasn't cutting it too close!  They weren't even allowing people to go up to the upper levels yet.  I would rather be way early than cutting it close anyway.  
When they opened the doors, I asked if I could look on the main floor before going up to the balcony and they said that I could.  It's quite a place!  They have it decorated for the holidays.  I also looked into the mezzanine level before heading up to the balcony.  I went to my seat in the front row of the balcony.
My view from my seat:
View from front row of balcony in Hill Auditorium
(I took the picture before the concert started; the orchestra members were still coming onstage.)
As people were coming to the seats behind me, a woman came to me and told me that she was there with her large family and that her grandchildren would be sitting in the row behind me.  She said that they are really good but if they bother me to let her know.  I told her that I highly doubt that they would bother me and I did not mind at all.  When the lights went down some of them sat on the steps.  Someone told them not to sit on the first step, which was right by my chair, but I didn't care if they were there so I told the man that it was ok if they were on the step beside me.  So I had a little boy sitting on the step beside me!  Once the show started, I didn't even know they were there.  Occasionally, I felt the back of my seat get bumped but that doesn't bother me. 

It was really nice.  I enjoyed it very much and am very glad that I went.  The music to the Hallelujah Chorus was in the program and the audience stands and sings along with them.  I'm not a singer at all so I sang it very quietly!  I'd hate to hurt anyone's ears! It was three hours long and it went by really fast.  This is an annual show and I hope that I can go again next year. 

After the concert, I headed back to where I was parked.  The parking garage is on Maynard St. just off Liberty St.  There is a frozen yogurt shop at the corner of Liberty and Maynard so I couldn't just pass by!  I had a frozen yogurt before heading home.  It was a great day! 

Runner Nerd
sang the Hallelujah chorus

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