Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yes, this is normal!

This morning I ran with the PR Fitness group run for 6 miles.  This afternoon at 4:30 I plan to run the Holiday Hustle 5K in Dexter, MI.  I've run the Holiday Hustle for quite a few years now.  I will be decked out in lights, reindeer antlers and a jingling bell necklace to annoy anyone running near me!  After I finish the Holiday Hustle I will return to my car, change in the back seat into a dress and will be off to church for an Advent service.  That is totally normal isn't it????  What??  Doesn't everyone do this???  Isn't that why tinted windows were invented?  Isn't that why Burt's Bees invented their little packs of wipes?  Isn't that why Bath & Body Works sells little mini bottles of body spray?

Runner Nerd
changes clothes in the car all the time

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