Monday, February 1, 2010

January running

I just read a friend's blog which was announcing the writer's mileage for the month and it hit me--it's the end of the month!!  No way, can't be possible that the first month has already passed.
I had 93.1 miles, not bad for January.  I would have had a few more had the suicidal deer left me alone Thursday night.
I started the month (and the year) with a 10 miler with the same people I ran with today!  I just realized that I started and ended the month with 10 mile runs with the same group of people from the Y! (both runs even started in the same place)
The first Thursday night (7th)  was probably the most difficult run in deep snow.
The lowest temperature I wrote in my book was 12 degrees on the 9th.
My longest run was 12 miles the 24th.
I did not run any races in January.

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