Friday, February 19, 2010

Got Those New Shoes Dirty During an Awesome Run!!

It's Thursday night which means Thursday night running group!!  Monday I  jokingly commented on our Google group that we should run the dirt roads Thursday night so I can get these new shoes dirty!  Well, guess what we did!  We took the dirt roads and YES, the new shoes are now dirty!
It was an awesome night for a run: mid 30s temp, still light out at 6pm, 6.5 miles in 57:22 which is an 8:47 avg pace and 9 happy runners!!  I don't know what got into me tonight; I kept up with the speedies!  I haven't even run an 8:47 pace in a 5K lately. 
Thursday night group run

I have to work tomorrow and I will probably run a few miles after work.  For now it is time to get some sleep.

Runner Nerd
with dirty shoes

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