Monday, February 15, 2010

New Shoes

I took the new trail shoes out today for their first run on my feet!  I tried to get them dirty but they still look quite new.  I ran through snow, dirty snow, gravely slush messiness and even mud but they still look new. 
I ran 5 miles starting in Bandemer Park.  The wooded trails are still snow covered and difficult to run on.  I almost fell in Argo woods.  My left foot slid sideways downhill and it's a wonder I didn't go down.  It's also a wonder that I didn't pull a muscle.  As I came out of the woods I was dragging.  I turned left on the boardwalk at the top of the steps and ran to the end and back.  I love it when I turn around and head back, it's DOWNHILL!!!  It gets me moving again after running through the woods and then up those steps. 
I enjoyed watching the ducks in the river today!  I don't know how they can be out there in that cold water.  They were putting their heads down into the water today and their tails would be sticking up in the air while their heads were down.  They seemed to be quacking a lot today too.  I don't usually hear much quacking but they were today!! The Huron River provides good entertainment for running! 

Introducing: My new winter trail running shoes!!  Nike Zoom Structure Triax+12 GTX  (wow, that's a long name!)
They are too clean.  I guess I have plenty of time to get them dirty, they will probably be with me for about 500 miles of winter outdoor running!  

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