Sunday, February 7, 2010

New PS (no, not PR)

I ran the 5K this morning, as promised by the weather forecast it was indeed bitter cold.  To explain the title of this post, I got a new "PS" which I define as Personal SLOWEST!!!   I had no intention of running fast.  I didn't even go outside the building until the gun went off!!  I had it in my mind to speed up at the 2 mile mark but I totally missed it.  I was thinking it had to be coming up soon and then I heard a man along the side of the street yell out "almost there" and I was thinking to myself, we aren't almost there; we aren't even to the 2 mile point yet.  Then I looked over and saw a Courtyard Marriot which I know is next to the shopping center where the finish line was located.  OOPS!!!  So, I sped up with probably two-tenths to go!!!  Oh well.  It was all for fun and just to say I did it. 
After the race I went to Hudson Mills Metropark to run some more.  I got my 2010 metropark permit which is purple!!!!  The price went up to $25.00, now I wonder if state park stickers also went up. 
Anyway, Hudson Mills has a 3 mile paved loop which has always been there.  Last year they built an extension which goes through the woods around the park and adds 4 miles.  I found out that the extension is not cleared in the winter.  It was slow going out there but I ran pretty good when I had good footing on the main trail.  I ran 7 miles at Hudson Mills.  That makes 10.1 for the day and 24.1 for the week.  I guess that will pass for February.
When I got home I took a very long very hot shower then crawled under the covers and then proceeded to fall asleep.  I woke up 2.5 hours later.  I guess I was tired.  I was mad at myself for that since I had a lot of homework to do. 
I am glad I don't live where my sister lives!  She lives in Maryland and right now is buried in snow.  She posted pictures on her blog.  She said they got 24 inches.  That's 2 feet!
(slow)Runner Nerd

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