Friday, February 19, 2010

Muddy Shoes!!

I am finally getting rid of that brand new look with my new trail shoes!!  I went running after work this afternoon and managed to find plenty of MUD!! (Mud = melting snow!)  It was beautiful today; the sun shone all day.  I had to wear my sunglasses to drive.  I FINALLY got out at 5pm, headed to the park, changed in the back seat and set out at 5:30.  Most of Ann Arbor must have left work early today, the drive over to the park should have taken me way longer than it did at 5pm.  I considered going to Gallup Park because it is easier to get to at 5 but decided to go to Bandemer since it's in the direction of home and not the opposite direction.  I ran my favorite route.  The wooded trail portions and the little loop though island park are still snow covered and hard to run on but the rest of it was pretty good.  I only wore ONE LAYER and no gloves!!!  It was in the high 30s.  I scared a duck!!  When I was on my way back on the trail through Riverside Park the ducks were on the banks of the river and as I was approaching some of them crossed the path.  One duck started to cross then turned around to go back toward the river then turned back toward the other ducks again then took off running down the trail ahead of me and then took off flying and landed out in the middle of the river!!  It was so funny to see the duck running as fast as it could away from me!!  I looked out into the river and apologized to the duck for scaring it!!  (what? doesn't everyone do that?)
I finished my run, walked around a little bit then got my "fake" key out of the little pouch on my shirt and got in the car then I discovered that I had left my "real" key in the ignition.  I suppose that's not a very good thing to do!  The keys for my car are the kind with the remote attached to the key so they are quite large.  I remember asking the car salesman what I was supposed to do with a key that large when I go running so he made me a "fake" key.  It will open the door but I can't start the car with it.  I call it the fake key.  I carry that when I run and usually put the real one beside the seat under the parking break lever but every once in a while I leave it right there in the ignition.  I lock the doors but if someone really wanted to get in there and start my car and drive off I'm sure they could find a way.
When I was putting my new running shirt in the washing machine I noticed that it said on the tag not to iron over the reflective pieces.  HUH???  WHO is going to iron running clothes????? I want to know.
Well, I guess I am going to look at my homework for a little while.

Happy weekend running!!

Runner Nerd
(with muddy shoes!)

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