Saturday, February 27, 2010

tough running in the snow

A runner friend of mine posted this on a blog today and I thought it was funny!  I did not ask permission to repost it but here goes......

     "You first try one out and it makes you feel sick and nauseous and you really hate it. But you see all the cool kids doing it and it’s something you think might make you a better person if you’re doing it too. So, you force yourself to do another one. Little by little you start to enjoy it in a way. Even the parts that hurt at first now have a sort of satisfaction, especially finishing one. It gets to the point where you now need it. If you don’t have one, the day becomes hard and you’re irritable. Even on the days you don’t want to do one, you know you need it and you wont feel right until you have done it.
Long runs are just like smoking" 

Smoking, I mean running, was not so much fun for me today.  I don't know why I took off on trails through the woods.  I saw lots of other footprints going in so I thought I should too, I guess!  (Like smoking--everybody's doing it!)  The snow is deep here and it is difficult to run in.  They make a pass with a snowblower on some of the trails but the snow that is left is still deep.  I lost count of how many times I almost fell or twisted an ankle.
I only ran 8 miles instead of 10.  I was exhausted after 8.  I have had enough of winter already and it's time for all this snow to just go away. 
This is my last night of kitty sitting.  My niece and nephew come home tomorrow.  I may stay here tomorrow night since I have to work Monday morning and I have uniforms here.  I am closer to work here.
I wished that I had my camera with me today, I saw the cutest thing, someone had made a snowman sitting on a park bench.  It's upper arm was on the back of the bench and forearm hanging forward.  It had legs and feet resting on the ground too!  I don't know if I could do that!!

Runner Nerd
too tired to write any more


  1. it's fine L. you officially have my permission to repost it. :) In fact, I'm flattered.