Saturday, February 13, 2010

Staying light longer!

Tonight after work I squeezed a 3 mile run in just as it was getting dark.  I was pulling into Gallup Park about 17:55, jumped into the back seat and changed quickly and was off and running at 18:03!  The trail to Furstenburg was too difficult to run on so I didn't go all the way there.  There was just too much snow and I could feel a few twinges in my hamstring when I was running through there so I came back and stayed on the main paved trails that are cleared.  When I got back into Gallup and was on cleared pavement again I tried to run faster, mostly in hopes of getting all the way around and back to the car before it was completely dark.  It felt good to push myself! (did I really just say that??)  Mile 2 was 9:16 which is pretty good for me right now. 
I almost didn't even go.  When I was leaving work it was 5:35 and, although it was still light out I knew it would fade fast.  I am glad I decided to go! 
Last night I ran 6 miles with the Thursday night group.  Jackson Rd was completely redone last year and they put nice sidewalks in on both sides but last night those sidewalks were buried under lots of snow so we were running in the street.  I have had enough winter already. 

Last nights run: 

Today's run

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