Friday, February 26, 2010

House sitting & kitty sitting

It's been a whole week since I've written.
I'm house-sitting and kitty-sitting for my niece and nephew.  I will post pictures of my adventures with the kitties in a few days since I didn't bring the camera cord with me. 
I've been here since Monday night.  I am about 40 miles from home but I am actually closer to where I work.  Work is between home and here.
I cannot believe that until today I hadn't run since last Saturday.  I went 5 days without running, that is sad.  I even missed running group last night.  I ran 10 miles last Saturday in Lower Huron Metro Park, it was beautiful, I only wore 1 layer and thought I was too warm!  (no gloves!!)  I knew it couldn't last.
Anyway, I wasn't planning on working yesterday then got a call asking if I could come in for a few hours which turned into a few more and at 5:45 I found myself nowhere near the station or getting out so I had to call one of my fellow groupies and say that I had lied earlier in the day when I posted on our google group that I'd see them all later!  It was after 8pm by the time I was out and was dark so I did not run.  I thought about running here in the subdivision my niece lives in but I didn't.  I hadn't eaten all day and I was super starving and getting a headache and that won out over running.  I made potato/cheese soup Wednesday night when I got back here after classes and I had the rest of that.  It was sooooooo yummy!!  I did litter box rounds  (I've never seen so many litter boxes in one house!), checked feeders and waterers, cleaned up her kitchen then popped some popcorn and watched a DVD and tried to keep little kitty faces out of my popcorn!  I am not used to guarding my food and keeping animals out of it.

This afternoon I ran 4 miles here in the subdivision.  It's been snowing most of the day.  I think we've had enough already.
I was out earlier and people were sliding into the ditches and median causing traffic to back up on the highway.  I was almost to my exit when it began to back up.  I didn't take the highway to come back here.  I will not miss this part of my current occupation when I am finally a respiratory therapist.  Driving the large vehicle in the snow and ice is very difficult sometimes. 
Well, I'm going to get some homework done.  This week both of my classes have a TON of homework. 

Runner Nerd
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