Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A most incredible run

I was supposed to be out of work around 3 but didn't get out until 4:35.  I was afraid that I wasn't going to have enough daylight left to run very far.  I headed over to Gallup Park.  M-14 was moving slowly due to the snow and there was also an accident.  I was pulling into Gallup at 5:03 pm.  I jumped into the back seat and changed as fast as I could.  I thought I was only going to be able to run 3 miles.  I ran the loop to Furstenburg Park and back which is 3 miles and it was still quite light out!!  I saw other runners heading toward the Parker Mill trail so I headed off in that direction, I ran until Garmy said 4 miles, which was at the Bridge just past the dam, then headed back.  The trail runs behind Concordia University, a small Lutheran college.  The chapel is visible across the river from the trail.  As I was running along the bells rang (I didn't count but I am assuming 6 times for 6pm) then music began playing!  The light was fading, the ground was already covered in white and it was snowing and I could hear the church bells playing hymns.  I felt so special out there!!  I felt very privileged to be out there running along the Huron River with the snow falling all around me and hearing the music.  (I know it sounds so dorky)  Can you believe people hurried home after work to plop down in front of a television??? 
I finished my run which was 6 miles, visited the restroom (I know you wanted to know that) and when I returned to my car at 6:25 it was still a teeny tiny light out!!!!
A week ago I would not have been able to run very far after 5pm before it would have been completely dark.  I think Gallup Park is a pretty safe place to run but I don't think it would be very smart for me to be out there after dark by myself. 
That was my run tonight, I wanted to share it with the world!
Now I need to study; tomorrow is school.

Runner Nerd

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