Sunday, February 14, 2010

I placed in my age group today and got a medal!!!!!!!

I ran a 5K this morning and actually placed in my age group! I got 2nd.  This is the 5th year I've run this race.  It's a fundraiser for Michigan State University triathlon team. 
Before the race I ran 2.5 miles then after the race I ran 4 more miles so I ran 9.5 all together today.
After the race I ran around the campus of MSU.  Many of the buildings are very old and I was noticing the light fixtures on the fronts of some of them which are also very old.  There are times that I do wish I ran with a camera or a cell phone with a camera, today would have been one of those times.  The Red Cedar River, which winds it way through campus, is frozen and on every bridge I crossed over today I looked down and there were words in the snow covering the ice!   There was a big heart drawn in the snow by one of the bridges.

My favorite running store had a big sale this weekend mainly on winter gear.  I got a new winter shirt 50% off!!  I also got a new pair of winter trail shoes that were on sale!!  The ones I have now are still comfortable; I haven't noticed any sore feet yet but the soles are very worn down.  (feet hurting = 1st sign of needing new shoes)  I like wearing the winter trail shoes in the winter because cold air doesn't come in through the top like it does when wearing regular running shoes.  My feet would get soooooooooo cold, especially my toes.  I can't wait to wear them on a run and get them dirty!!!!!  There is just something about new shoes that makes you look like a total newbie and not a serious, experienced runner!!  Maybe it's just me but I can't wait to get new running shoes dirty.  Hopefully tomorrow after work.  I have my stuff packed and hopefully I will have enough light left when I get out of work.   I'm not wearing my new shirt until Thursday night running group! 

I ended up with 27.5 miles this week!  That is good for me at this time of year. 

After the running store I went over to Panera to do homework until they closed.  When I go somewhere I get a lot more done than I do at home. 

Runner Nerd
(the one with the clean running shoes)

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  1. Awesome on placing in your age group! Gratz!!