Sunday, January 31, 2010

Runnin with the Ironmen again!

I ran with the triathlon group from the Y again today.  We ran 10 miles.  I kept up better today.  I ran an overall average pace of 9:30!!!!!!!! That's the best I've run any distance over 6 miles in a long time!  Part of our run was on a portion of the Falling Water trail.  The Army has a mile marked off out there in this section so 2 of them stopped at the Army finish line to catch their breath and then run all out for a timed mile.  I was just catching up to them when they were about to start, the coach said, "timed mile, come on, run it with us" so without any rest I took off!  (this was mile 9 so after running 8 miles we do this!)  I started out good but slowed around 1/2 mile then picked it up again and then really ran the last 1/4.  (The quarters are marked)  I had about 8:50, fastest I've run in forever!  I thought I was going to puke!  I managed to finish the last mile back to Sharp Park but not very fast. 
It was 14 degrees when we started and I don't think it got any warmer.  I put my coat on and got into the car but I couldn't sit back against the back of the seat because when I did that my 1st layer shirt was wet and FREEZING!!!!  I just love how all the sweat these fancy clothes wick away goes right back in as soon as you stop running!  
Later this afternoon I got a massage!!!  It's been sooooooooo long since I've had a massage.  I paid for it way back in the middle of November.  I was giving a presentation at a senior citizen health and wellness expo for work and got to talking to a woman who was there representing the place where I got the massage.  She was selling gift certificates during the expo for a really good price so I bought one with the intention of using it right after I finished last semester.  Well, last semester ended, Christmas came and went, New Years came and went and I am back in school again and still hadn't used the certificate so I called the other day and asked to make an appt with the sports massage therapist and found out that he was working today and had an opening in the late afternoon which was perfect, I could run in the morning and get a massage in the afternoon!!  The massage therapist is a runner too!  He has run the Boston marathon 5 times.  I also won a free massage from this same place several weeks back and I can't wait to go back!!!  (blog post about winning free massage)   Another very cool thing about this place---they give discounts to police, fire and EMS!!! (I work in EMS) 
So, I end this week with a total of 19 miles, way down from last week but due to getting out of work with not enough daylight left to get a run in twice during the week. 
OK, I suppose I should get at least a little bit of studying in now.  I did not even touch my books yesterday. 

Runner Nerd

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