Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cold Shower

After a very long and very boring computer class and a tough Exel test I was looking forward to a 3 mile run on the Falling Water Trail before heading off to the next class.  It was beautiful, warm and sunny out and I ran pretty good.  On the way back I decided to see how fast I could run a mile where the Army has a mile marked off.  All I could manage was 8:47.  I was hoping for at least 8:30.  I am a slow poke these days.  After my run I stretched my hamstring then headed over to the Y for a shower.  Upon entering I saw a sign taped up on the wall: "Due to a leak we will be fixing a pipe on Wednesday between 8am and approximately 2 pm"  OK, it's 3:40 so I assume that the pipe is fixed.  I asked the ladies at the desk and they said that they had not been notified that it is finished.  A man heading out said that there was no hot water and he had taken a very fast cold shower.  OH MY GOODNESS, a cold shower it was.  I think the hot water may have been back on but heated up yet as the water was not ice cold but it sure didn't qualify as warm either.  I only used a little conditioner and very little soap so I could rinse as fast as possible.  After my cold shower I stepped into the steam room for about a minute to warm up.   I've had a bad headache ever since then, not sure if sticking my head under cold water had anything to do with it. 
My head was still hurting as I went to my medical terminology class.  It was very difficult to study before class.  I am glad I had already studied.  I got 100% on the test!!!!!  I was quite shocked because I really didn't feel very prepared for this chapter.  It had a lot of confusing stuff in it. 
Only 2 more weeks of this semester left and I will have 2 weeks off until the summer semester starts.  I will only have 1 class during the summer.  My daughter is taking 2 classes at the community college this summer and her and I will be in an English class together!  I'm not sure what to think.  I'm not sure I want to be in class with my daughter but she sure is looking forward to it!  I was really surprised at that.  We are going to share a book. 
Well, I have to be at work early tomorrow morning so I am going to get to bed.  I am exhausted and I still have this headache. 
Runner Nerd
was both runner and nerd today!

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  1. Your story is inspiring - I love the RunnerNerd idea! I think I'd be a SkydivingNerd. Would love to connect via email so I could pick your brain a little bit!