Sunday, April 18, 2010

I changed a bike tire!

I went to a triathlon clinic today where the focus was the bikes.
I took the front tire from my bike with me.  I let the air out of the tire, took the tire off the wheel, took the tube out of the tire then put a little air in it then put it back in the tire, let a little of the air back out, then put the tire back on the wheel then pushed the edge back all the way around on both side to make sure no tube was along the edge then pumped the tire up!! 

After the tri clinic I stopped at Hudson Mills to run 3 easy miles.  I had 31 miles for the week!! 

I am not getting very far on my project for computer class.  It is a power point presentation of 80 slides.  It is called "Life Planning".  I asked the teacher if those of us who are already half way through life only need 40 slides.  He said no but he did laugh!  I'm just not creative. 

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon.  I have quite a few friends running it this year.  I am going to sign up for text message updates tonight!  5 people from Thursday night running group are running it.  One of the owners of the running store is running it.  I also have 4 other friends running it.  (Everyone except me!)
I have heard that they will have decent weather.  According to weather channel, looks like 48-55 degrees!  That sounds perfect! 

Time to watch a DVD! 

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