Monday, April 12, 2010

Only a few more days of Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam waving at me!

The past couple months have sometimes been like a circus driving down West Ave.  There are two tax places.  One has people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty standing by the street waving at people; the other place has an Uncle Sam.  Then you add to that the giant pizza slice who is out there during the lunch hour and on weekends Art Van usually has people out holding signs and the there are usually two Statues of Liberty on weekends as well so it's quite amusing sometimes!  This must be the latest way to advertise.  I am not sure what the Statue of Liberty has to do with getting your taxes done or why the Statue of Liberty waving at you would convince you to have that company do your taxes but it must work because they did it last year and again this year. 

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