Saturday, April 3, 2010

Signs with misspellings


1. the act of spelling incorrectly

2. an incorrectly spelled word

I've always been amused by signs.   Yesterday I saw two funny signs.  One of them was on a sign in front of an elementary school.  I couldn't believe that nobody had noticed it.  Teachers drive in and out every day.  

  I sure hope the kids have a good sprig break! 

I am glad my kids didn't go to that school!



Later I saw another sign but was not able to take a picture.  It was a hand painted sign that said:  "Chihuahua puppeys for sale".  Would you buy a dog from this person???  I wish I could have taken a picture of that sign but there was no way that I could.  I don't know if they spelled chihuahua right, I looked it up for this post.  I don't remember seeing the 2nd and 3rd h's in it but I can't say for sure.  I definitely know it said "puppeys".  

This is a sign right here in Jackson, MI.  I saw this during the winter on my way to the gym one day.  It was still there a few days later when I had my camera. 

 If they didn't know how to spell laboratory why didn't they just say "lab"????

I, Runner Nerd, try to be a good speller.  I proofread everything at least 3 times.  If anyone ever notices a spelling error PLEASE point it out to me!!!  (sometimes I do use slang type words in my blog, such as: gonna, gotta, runnin, hafta, etc)  Runner Nerd's brain takes a break occasionally!! 

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