Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh the Drama!!

 I am at the library right now.  It is 4pm.  The place is full of school kids.  There has been a group of kids standing by the window that is near where I am sitting and they have been whispering and giggling and watching something outside. (I am on the 2nd floor)  I had to go out to get something that I left in my car and it became apparent what they were so interested in outside.  The parking lot is also full of kids.  There is a group of them sitting in the back of a pick up truck and a bunch sitting on a ledge and on the benches that are outside.  From my brief walk through the pack I could hear comments going back and forth that weren't all that nice. 
OK, I need to concentrate on my homework now and block out the entertainment! 

Runner Nerd
having a hard time being a nerd right now!

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