Saturday, April 3, 2010

what to do? what to do?

Well, I ran 4 miles Thursday night.  My leg hurt on and off, especially going up hill.  I had a massage yesterday.  The therapist is a runner and a good sports massage therapist.  He worked on both hamstrings and it HURT while he was working on them but now it feels better.  I am trying to decide what to do today.  The plan is for 16 but I don't know if that is wise.  Should I give the leg another day?  8 today, 8 tomorrow? Right now is it very windy which isn't fun to run in anyway.  My marathon is 8 weeks from today and my longest run to date is only 14 miles.  I keep telling myself that I want to make it to the marathon.  I'm not trying for any kind of goal this time except a reasonable time, not too much over 4 hours but not trying to break 4 hours.  I was going to do 2 20 milers but may adjust and only do 1 if I skip the 16 miler this week. 
AND...there's another thing that is driving me crazy and making it difficult to not go running.
Last summer when I pulled my hamstring 3 times and my mileage went wayyyyyyy down for 4-5 months I also gained some weight and then the holidays came and I ended up with a few more pounds.  My clothes didn't fit right anymore, my jeans were tight, my favorite pair just plain didn't fit anymore and I bought a very cheap (even cheaper than usual) pair of jeans to wear until I get this weight back off.  I am embarrassed to say that I am still wearing that pair of jeans.  The idea to run this spring marathon was to force me to get the weight off.  I am doing it!!  I'm down about 6 lbs now and about 6 more to go!!!!  (OMG, it's soooo embarrassing to admit that I gained 12 lbs.)  So, now that I am not running as much I am freaking out about the weight again. 
The more I hear the wind howling outside the easier my decision is getting to be.
My 18 & 21 yr old kids think they need Easter baskets so I have to run to town today.  I'm not getting them a bunch of candy.  I am getting them things like microwave popcorn, crackers, individual pkgs of cookies, microwave mac & cheese. Things that aren't the junkiest kind of junk foods but things they can take back to college with them. 

I suppose I should also do some homework too. 

WOW, in the time I have been writing this the wind has died down but now it is sprinkling.  Skipping running is looking like a better idea all the time!  I already mixed my gatorade and Luna recovery drink but they are in the refrigerator and will keep till tomorrow, right!!

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