Saturday, April 3, 2010


Another month has passed so now there are only 9 months until New Years Eve in New York City!!!  If my sister is reading this--hope you're doing some running!!

March was my highest mileage month so far this year.  I ran 119.6 miles!!  The highest mileage week was the 22nd-28th with 31.  My longest run was 14 miles on the 18th.  1 race, a 5K on the 14th.
I broke in a new pair of shoes on my 10 miler the 27th.
During March I ran in a lot of snow, icy trails, muddy trails (same trails different days), raining, snowing, sun shining.  I ran in 3 top layers and 2 bottom layers along with hat and gloves as well as shorts and short sleeves and every clothing combination in between!
My hamstrings cooperated nicely until the 27th during my 10 miler.  My left leg began hurting, I slowed down, did run/walk for several miles but I was able to finish the 10 miles.  I didn't run again until the 31st and only 2 miles then.  It was my right hamstring that I pulled 3 times last year, so what's up with this? Does the opposite side always want to have the same experiences as the other side?
I ran the first day of the month in snow and took pictures that day.  The last day of March was sunny, warm, no snow anymore and I was wearing shorts and short sleeves!  I only ran 2 miles but I was dripping with sweat!!  

School in March:
I had one midterm exam and I aced it!!! 98%!!
I got called a "know-it-all" in computer class! That's so funny because when it comes to computers I have never claimed to know anything much less know it all!  I'm not a know it all I just do the work! The kid who called me that is so far behind in the work. 

That's about it for March.  I'm glad it is warming up now but most of all I am glad that it's another month closer to NYE in NYC!!!!!!!

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