Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm on the Dean's List!

I, Runner Nerd, made the Dean's List!!!!  I got a certificate in the mail today!!
I, Runner Nerd, also went running today!  After work I went for a run on my favorite route in Bandemer Park. (older run on same route; Garmy lost signal today and map is messed up.)  I ran through lots of slush!!  Slush = melting snow!!!  I think the temperature was in the mid to upper 30s.  I only needed 1 layer and no gloves!  I talked with a very delightful gentleman today!  We were heading toward each other on the little narrow trail along the headrace.  It's even narrower right now so it's even trickier for 2 people to pass by each other.  I slowed to a walk and we both stepped aside and he said that he didn't mean to get in my way and I told him that he wasn't.  He was an older man and I made the comment that it's great that he's out getting exercise.  He asked me about Garmy and I showed it to him and told him what it does and about Garmin connect and how I can see my run on a map.  He showed me his Iphone which was clipped to his waist and he said he does the same thing and sees his walks on a map.  He told me that he ran for 30 some years but now he just walks.  He is 64 years old and looks great.  We had a very brief conversation about the trails in Ann Arbor and we went on our ways!  That really made my day!!  Last semester I wrote my research paper for English class on running and aging and found all kinds of research on the subject.  Of course, it's not just running that keeps people healthy; walking and weight training are also very beneficial.  (The man in the park told me that he also does weight training)  When I was researching I kept seeing the phrase, "use it or lose it", about both our bodies and our minds as we age. 
After I finished running I decided to take a few pictures since my camera was in the truck.  These are things that are close to the end of this route.  This is a little waterfall.  It's coming out of a drain from under Barton Drive.  It always has water running down the rocks and I've always thought it was so cool for just being a drain. I often pause and look at it.

This is the end of the trail through the woods.  I am looking back at the direction I come from.  It was slushy in those footprints today.  The snow is melting!!!! 

This is a little stream that you have to cross just before exiting the woods.  The red circle is a rock that you step on.  The yellow circle is approximately where there USED to be another rock but during last summer it disappeared; it was just gone one day.  It has been there since I've been running there.  Who knows what happened to it.  Now there is a longer leap from the one rock.  At times when the water is lower there are some tree roots that can be stepped on. 

At the end of the woods there is this set of stairs.
My legs always hurt when I get to the top.  The run through the woods is hilly and then you come to these steps!!  The last time I ran here you could not see much of the steps; it was almost like walking up a hill.

At the top of the steps this boardwalk leads back to the entrance to Bandemer Park and where I start and end my run.  The best part is that this is slightly downhill at first!!!

This is the view looking back from just across the little stream.  That is Argo Pond where, in the spring through fall, the rowing teams from UM, EMU, Huron, Pioneer and Skyline schools row.  The pond is the result of a dam which is wayyyyy down there but not visible in this picture.  The Huron River Watershed Council wants to drain this pond.  I really really hope they don't.
This trail follows the pond.  Where you can see the woods in the distance is where the trail comes from.

So, anyway, there are some pictures from the last half mile of my favorite running route.
Now if i could just figure out how to download a couple of songs from itunes!  I have done it before but it's been awhile.  I still have $$ left from an itunes card.  I can't find where you search for songs.  I need a 10 year old to show me what to do!!!

I am done house and kitty sitting for my niece and nephew.  They returned yesterday but I stayed there last night since I had to go to work this morning.  I had made a list of the things I needed to load up this morning so I didn't forget anything and I left it on the table with my keys.  When I picked it up this morning there was one more item added to the list.  It said: "remember that your Niecie loves her Auntie!!!!!"  Awwwwwwww!!  Well, I love my Niece too!!!! 

I took my Jeep in last Monday to be repaired and I hope I get it back tomorrow.  I really miss it.

I am off to bed now.  Tomorrow is homework, homework and more homework and then study for a test.

Runner Nerd
on the Dean's list

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