Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was the first time I've run in shorts and sleeveless shirt outdoors in 2010!!!!!!  It was in the mid 50s!  I had to work for a few hours then I went to Gallup Park to run.  I was thinking I'd run 4 miles since I needed to get home and study for my midterm exam but I got going and ended up running 7.5 miles!!  It was just soooooo nice to see the ground that I was running on, even in the woods!!!  The parks in springtime are really pretty.  They are also very entertaining!!  I think it's mating season for the ducks and geese!!  They were noisy and chasing each other around, or I assume the males were chasing the females!!!  I know I won't get to run tomorrow since I'm in school all day. 
My brain hurts from studying.  I just want my midterm to be over already.  After running I came home, showered and headed to the college library to study. 
I'm too tired to write any more right now.  

Runner Nerd

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