Saturday, March 6, 2010


It's spring break and they are back.  My kids, that is!  Don't get me wrong, I like my kids but I get used to not having them here.  This morning when I got up there were clothes on the bathroom floor that do not belong to me and a giant pile of clothes on the laundry room floor!  My son was here yesterday and I took him to the airport so he could go to visit my sister in Maryland for a few days.  He will be back Wednesday and then I will have to put up with the two of them together again.  My son is here most Saturday and Sunday nights so I see him a lot more than I do my daughter. 
On my way back from the airport I stopped to go running at Lower Huron Metropark since I was passing by the exit where it's located.  Was I ever stiff!!  It took about a mile to get loosened up. 

I went running with a group from the Y this morning.  We just did an easy 5 miler.  Most of the others were going to swim after the run.  It was 35 degrees and I was a bit overdressed.  I forget that when I run early in the day the temperature usually rises some while I am out running while, on the other hand, when I run later in the day the temperature usually drops during the run.  

Well, I need to get a bunch of running clothes washed while my daughter is gone with friends and not using the laundry room!  I haven't washed Thursday night's clothes yet!

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