Saturday, March 6, 2010

February Recap

94 miles for the month.
Highest mileage week was 8th-24th with 27.5.
Lowest mileage week was 22nd-28th with 16.4.

Longest run was 10 miles on the 20th.

Temps ranged from the low teens to low 40s!!  I ran in deep snow numerous times and also mud this last week as the snow melts!  

I got TWO new pairs of running shoes on the 14th.  New winter trail running shoes and my next pair of Asics Gel Foundation 8s!  I also got a new winter shirt that day!! 

187 miles for the year as of Feb. 28.

I had 2 tests in computer class.  I got 97 and 100. 
In medical terminology I had 4 tests: 3 98s and a 99.

Runner Nerd
hoping for warmer days in March

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