Friday, March 12, 2010

12 miles

Last night I ran 12 miles!!  One other Thursday night groupie also ran 12.  Two others ran 8 miles with us then they made a right turn and took a short cut back to the store.  It was in the low 50s when we started but around 7 or 8 miles the temperature dropped and there were sprinkles in the last 2 miles. We had a route all planned out but had to make a last second change of plans about 7.5 miles into our run.  We were running down a dirt road and all of a sudden the road was flooded and it was deep and covered the entire road, there was no going around!  This meant that we were at only 11.2 miles when we returned to the running store so we had to keep right on running past which was not fun!   I was exhausted when we finished.  The running group prepared the packets for a 5K taking place this Sunday so I got started on that.  Pizza was provided for us, I had 2 pieces of ham & pineapple pizza which didn't sit well for some reason.  I could barely stay awake driving home and I also felt quite nauseous on the way home.   I was sore today.  The run really wiped me out.  I never did get out to run today.  I haven't decided where or when I'm running tomorrow as there is no group run at the gym tomorrow.  I'm running a 5K Sunday.  I will probably go to a park and run a few more miles after the race.