Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy, muddy run

I am not one of those people who just love running in the rain.  Nope.  I despise it.  I had to pick up a race packet today so I went to a park and ran before going to get the packet.  It rained lightly but steady the whole entire time.  One good thing is that the snow is going away!!!  It was nice to be able to run along the paved trails without any snow and the wooded trails were clear but muddy.  Mud=spring so I don't mind.  I like getting my running shoes muddy too!  There were places in the trail through Argo woods where I sunk in.  Lots of branches have fallen from the trees and are laying all over.  I had to climb over a fallen tree that was laying across the path, I saw another tree that had fallen but was propped up against another tree.  When I got back to the car I noticed that my lower legs were muddy!  I wore my knee-length tights today.  I was soaked and once I stopped running was freezing.  It was 52 degrees when I started but the rain drops felt ice cold.  It took longer than usual to warm up, I was wishing I had dressed warmer but once I got going I was ok.  After running I changed my top half in the car and put on a tshirt and a really heavy sweatshirt which felt sooooo good (and dry!).  I went to pick up my packet with my wet hair, muddy shoes and legs!  Somebody commented that I wasn't taking the day off the day before the race!!  I had to laugh!  Taking today off from running wouldn't change a thing tomorrow.  I just can't run fast anymore and that's that.  I don't even feel like going and doing this 5K tomorrow.  Had it not been for the running store registering me for free because we did the race packets I wouldn't be doing it.  I'm just going to run however fast I feel like running then go to a park and run some more miles.  That will do me more good than trying to run fast for 3.1 miles. 
11 weeks from today is my marathon. 

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