Thursday, March 18, 2010

WHERE was my runner's high tonight??

I ran 14 tough miles tonight.  I was done at mile 9 but I stuck it out.  It was tough.  I don't know what happened to my runner's high tonight.  If it was ever there it left at mile 9. Two of us Thursday night runners started 45 minutes early and ran 14.  The others had all run, returned and left by the time we got back.
It was a beautiful day for a run, low 60s, sunny, shorts and short sleeve weather.  I wore my water bottle belt with one bottle filled with water and the other with Gatorade Endurance.  When I dug the bottle belt out I found a package of Sport Beans and an expired GU in it!!!  I threw the Gu out, it expired 8/09.  I know it was probably just fine.  I took the sport beans.  I ate some of the around mile 7.  I don't know if they did any good.  Everything hurt tonight.  My calves, quads, hamstrings, feet, stomach on and off.  I guess it just wasn't my night.
Isn't running the most fun thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to go do it again!!!!!!!!
I had to concentrate on the drive home to stay awake.  I do not feel like eating at all.  I ate a baked potato and a chocolate Clif bar.  That's quite a combination!!  I'm sooooooo tired so I'm just gonna go to bed now.  I'm not even going to upload my run to Garmin Connect until tomorrow.

Runner Nerd

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