Friday, March 5, 2010

10 miles with the amazing Thursday night runners!

WOW!!  I can't believe that I ran 10 miles tonight!!!  Yesterday one of the Thursday night group members put a message on our google group asking if anyone was interested in running 10 miles at a slower pace than our speedier long distance people.  I said I'd do it.  We started out a bit earlier than usual.  It went good.  The temp was in the mid 30s so not too bad.  The temp dropped somewhere around 6 or 7 miles.  I didn't need gloves!!
I felt good running.  I was getting tired by the last couple of miles but they weren't really tough like the last 2 miles of my last 10 mile run. 
Next week we will run shorter and then we will be putting together packets for a race the following Sunday which is a St. Patricks themed race, Shamrocks & Shenanigans.  We also get to run the race free for doing packets!!!  They have already registered us but I really don't feel like running a 5K.  I can't run very fast these days and it's really depressing to see times in the 26s next to my name when those times used to be in the 23s.  I will probably do what I did last year; I ran the race then went to a park and ran a few more miles.  The race is in downtown Ann Arbor and is a 2 loop course with a big hill on it.  That hill is steeper the 2nd time around, I don't know how they do that!!! 
Next week is spring break!!  I won't have to go to classes but I have work to do for both classes.  I have a midterm exam in one of my classes the week we go back.  Both of my kids will also be on break; they both come home tomorrow.  My son is going to spend a few days with my sister in Maryland.  (the same sister with whom I am going to NYC with for NYE and the Midnight Run in Central Park)  He has went to visit her on all but 1 of his spring breaks since he's been in college.  My friends don't believe me that my college kid goes and spends time with my sister and not run off to southern Florida with other college kids!  My sister keeps an eye on him too.  She works in Washington, DC and she will find things for him to do such as visiting senators or congressmen.  She will make the arrangements as she has contacts all over the place.  She makes arrangements for him to be able to sit in the audience and listen.  He loves stuff like that. 
Well, I guess I should get to bed.  I am exhausted. 

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