Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am Embarrassed

Yep, I'm embarrassed with my 5K efforts today.  I ran the slowest 5k I've ever run.  Even my very first 5K was 30 seconds faster than today.  I didn't feel like doing it.  I haven't done any speed work since last fall, the hamstring pulls limited speed work all last summer.  It was never quite the same after the muscle pulls.  I really didn't even try today.  I wasn't even hurting and out of breath when I finished.  I remember my first 5K; I had 28:55 and I thought I was going to die and didn't think I could ever do that again.
   Today I started way back toward the back.  The walkers were supposed to line up on a side street and come onto the street the race started on after all the runners passed by the side street but I think most of them missed that detail.  I can't believe how many times I almost came to a stop because of walkers.  Big groups of runners would get backed up.  Most of the first mile was very slow.  No, I didn't belong right up at the starting line but I should have been closer than I was.  It was chilly today.  It was in the low 40s and had rained most of the night and early morning.  One of my Thursday night running buddy's car dealership is a major sponsor for the race and he had some vehicles on display and those of us from the running group were able to stash our jackets and pants that we wore over our running clothes just minutes before lining up.   I wore my knee-length tights with a long sleeve running shirt from an old race with a short sleeve shirt under it. I wished that I had worn my headband; my ears were freezing.  Gloves would have been nice too.  I didn't think I'd need gloves with the temp in the 40s.  Everyone got a beer glass with the name of the race on it for finishing and Blue Care Network was passing out re-usable grocery bags.  When I looked at it later I realized it's a really good bag, it's a bit bigger than the other ones I have.  I really like it and will use it so that's good. 
    After the race I went to a park and ran 2.5 more miles.  (I wore my headband and gloves)  I was going to run 4 but needed to get back home before my daughter left to go back to college.
    I ended up with 28.5 miles for the week.  I am happy with the 12 mile run Thursday night. 

Runner Nerd


  1. why? This was obviously a training run. Why are you comparing it to your race efforts?

  2. I just don't like seeing such high numbers next to my name in results. Also, one of the Thursday night runners likes to post our results in our Google group.
    But, yes, it was just a training run for me.