Saturday, March 27, 2010

9 weeks till Marathon Day

I got my confirmation this week, I got into the marathon I want to run this spring!  It filled up really fast and I didn't make the decision to commit fast enough.  They opened some more spots through some running stores, one of which is where I run every Thursday night.  They told me I could have one of the spots and told me I was in quite a while ago and last week finally asked for a check.   
My week went pretty good until today's run.  Wednesday I ran 3 miles between classes in shorts and short sleeve shirt then Thursday night it was back to long tights and a winter shirt, headband and gloves.  I ran 7.6 with the running group and that went well.  Friday after work I ran 4 miles in a park, also in tights and a long sleeve shirt. 
This week was my drop back week, I only ran 10 miles for my long run today.  It was in the low 40s and sunny so I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  It started out good then I started feeling little twinges in my left hamstring. (it was my right side I pulled 3 times last summer)  It started to get quite sore and I slowed down and concentrated on my form but it kept at it.  I even resorted to run/walk for a few miles and it seemed to help.  It didn't seem to be as bad so I ran the last 2 miles of my first 7 mile loop without walking.  I considered cutting my run short at 7 but after drinking some gatorade at the car I set off for the last 3 miles.  I decided to run on some dirt trails and that made my hamstring hurt really bad.  I got back on paved trails and finished up.  When I got home and got out of the car and stood up my hamstring really hurt.  The 3 steps up to the door were horrible.  I can't believe this.  I have 9 weeks till this marathon.  I am going to rest it tomorrow, I have a lot of homework to do anyway.  I will probably just go to the library to work. 

I don't believe this, I am finally beginning to run decent again and I start pulling hamstrings again.  I still don't run as fast as I did before the pulls last summer but I was getting there. 
Oh, I almost forgot-I wore new shoes today!!  Awhile back I got a new pair of shoes because there was a big sale at the running store and all shoes were discounted that weekend.  I decided to wear them today but when looking back through my log book from last year when I got the old shoes up until now I realized they were past 500 miles.  I haven't had any trouble, usually the first sign they are worn out is my feet hurt during a run but that hasn't happened.  I knew these would last longer (time-wise) than usual because my mileage went way down during my hamstring pulling fiasco last summer/fall. 

Ok, I guess I am going to go try to lay down.  This is weird whenever I straighten my leg out it really hurts. 

Runner Nerd
all nerd tomorrow, no running :(

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