Friday, November 27, 2009

If I ignore it will it go away?

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

When did they start calling it Black Friday?  Eariler in the week I saw signs on a couple of stores that said they were opening at 4AM on Friday.  FOUR AM???? WHY?????  Where will I be at 4 AM? Hmmmm...oh, I know....I will be in my bed wrapped up in my flannel sheets and fleece blankies SLEEPING!!!!  No shopping for me, no lining up in the dark waiting for stores to open for me.  I would much rather go for a run.  Maybe I will dress in black and go for a black Friday run!!  I did see some black Friday races advertised but they weren't close by.  I need to do homework too, I did very little this evening. 
My daughter and I went to see the new Christmas Carol movie this afternoon.  It was in 3D. That was the first time I've ever been to a 3D movie.  

If I ignore the holday season that is upon us will it go away?   I really feel like digging my John Grisham Skipping Christmas book out and re-reading it.  I like that Dude's idea and how he sticks to it!!  (too bad he doesn't get to go on the cruise in the end) 

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