Sunday, November 29, 2009

25 miles this week!!

25.7 miles to be exact!!  The last time I had 25 miles was the week of September 7-13, I had 28 that week and thought I was right on track for the 25K I was planning to run a month later but I pulled my hamstring again the following week.  
Yesterday I ran 10 miles after work.  It was 45 degrees and sunny.  I wore a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve shirt and took the short sleeve shirt off after 5 miles.  I ran a loop and came back to my car to drink then continued on.  I really slowed down the last 2 miles.  At times my right hamstring hurt a little but I never pulled it.  It was sore today so I didn't run.   It's not like when I pulled it and I am really hoping that I don't start pulling it again. 
After running I went to Panera Bread to study.  The music they were playing was very annoying.  I did manage to get a lot done.  I have 3 more weeks of classes and I am so ready for this semester to be over.  
I had pretty much given up on the idea of having over 1000 miles this year.  I have had over 1000 miles the last 3 years.  With all the hamstring pulling and low mileage I figured it was out of reach this year.  Well, last week I passed 900 miles so then I wondered if maybe I could do it.  This week I now have 929 miles for the year which leaves 71 miles to reach 1000 and there is still 4 1/2 weeks left!!  I think I can do it, I HAVE to do it!   I will have to run less than 20 miles per week to do it.  
I keep a running log book.  The one I use is by Runner's World.  I've used this same one for years, it's very simple.  Each 2 page spread is one week with a section for each day and a box for weekly mileage and year to date mileage.  I love watching the year to date mileage climb each week.  It's what keeps me going, I find it very motivational.  Then comes December 31/January 1 and my mileage goes from over 1000 to ZERO overnight.  If I do decide to run a spring marathon it won't take long for the miles to start adding up again.  I guess I better start thinking seriously about it because Feb. 6 is 16 weeks out from the marathon and I will need to start training.  If I keep up the mileage I am running right now I will have plenty of base to start training on Feb. 6.  Jan 23 is 18 weeks out, some training plans are 18 weeks.  The marathon I am thinking about running fills up well before the date. (Memorial Day weekend) The half marathon fills up in January.  I just don't like winter and snow and cold, it's so hard to get my butt out the door to run.  Last winter there were more weeks than I'd like to admit that the only times I ran were Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights, both running groups.  The Tuesday mornings were on an indoor track, the Thursday nights were outside.  Next semester both of my classes will be on Wednesday and I will have a 3 hour break between them so I am thinking that I could go running then go shower at the gym and head back to school with time to spare.  
If I decide to run a spring marathon maybe I should take a weekend to go somewhere warm to do my long run!!!!!!!!! yeah right!!!!!!!  I can dream!

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