Monday, November 2, 2009

the sights and sounds of fall running

Yesterday I got out and ran! I ran 8.5 miles. I am running slower these days since the hamstring pulls but I am slowly working my way back to around a 9 min pace. I ran good for 7 miles then started to feel some twinges in the back of my leg. I told my hamstring muscles to behave. (Yes, I said it out loud!) I concentrated on my form and keeping my upper body upright because it tends to start sagging when I get tired. That seemed to help. I was starting to slow down too, I've really lost my endurance. I really ran slow the last half mile but afterwards I felt good. I was a little stiff later on but overall I felt great.
Some of the sights and sounds from my run: Leaves everywhere! I saw people raking leaves at 2 different houses. I saw (and heard) a guy blowing the leaves across the road to the edge of a field. I saw someone using their lawn mower and a big bagging thingy on it to pick of leaves. No burning leaves, thank goodness. Many times in fall when I go running someone will be burning leaves and I end up breathing in the smoke and then I can taste burning leaves for the rest of my run EWWWWWWWW!
I saw a combine in a soybean field and was passed by a tractor pulling something behind it.
I saw an unusual and unexpected thing for this time of year, I saw a newborn calf. It was in the corner of a pasture at the intersection of 2 roads, The mom cow was standing by it. I stopped and looked at it, it was sooooo cute. He tried to run away but he was still wobbly on his legs. I continued on and passed this spot again about 30 minutes later and the calf was still there in the corner of the pasture, this time all by itself. I wasn't that far from home so when I got home I drove back to that spot and took a picture of the little guy! I will try to put the picture on here if I can. That is odd for this time of year, calfs are usually born in spring.
I run on rural roads around where I live when I run from home. The road I live on is a main road so it is quite busy. I run on some roads that have very little traffic and I am able to run in the middle if I feel like it! I don't listen to music when I run so I am able to hear a car coming. Tomorrow I have a test in Biology lab. I'm very confident that I know the material. I didn't get to run today. I had to work a few hours today. I work part time and since going back to school it's more like part part time! Tomorrow I will run after school at a paved trail near school. I pack running clothes then change in the back seat of my car in the trail parking lot!! That's why they invented tinted windows-so people can change their clothes in the car!!
Well, I just did the picture and it came out at the top of the post!! That's the little guy I saw yesterday on my run! Isn't he/she soooooo cute!!!!

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