Saturday, November 21, 2009

running in shorts on Nov 21

Is it really November 21st?  I ran 10.5 miles this afternoon in shorts & short sleeves!  It's weird but I'm not going to argue!  I had a great run.  I ran at my 2nd favorite running place, Gallup Park.  I parked in the boat launch parking lot, ran the loop to Furstenburg Park and back then continued on around the other side of the park to the loop to Parker Mill and back to my car which was 7 miles. Stopped at the car for a drink and gu chomps (they're ok) then I decided to do something I very soon regretted!! I decided the loop around the arboretum would be just the right distance to make 10 miles.  I guess I had forgotten that trek up Geddes Ave to the entrance to the Arb....UPHILL ALL THE WAY OVER A MILE.  I finally got to the Arb and by going this way I got to run DOWN the famous Arb hill!!!!  (all because I like loops and not out and back runs)  After that it was pretty flat all the way back to Gallup. I ran along the river and through the something-prairie (can't remember the name)  crossed the RR tracks (shhhhhh don't tell anyone) and back to Gallup.  It was a little longer than I remember, I hit 10.5 miles when I got back to the main parking lot so I stopped and walked around to where I parked, about 1/4 mile, which is good for me anyway.  I brought my bio books with the intention of going somewhere to work after running.  I changed in the back seat of the car.  I took a wet washcloth in a ziploc baggie.  I put the baggie in the window when I stopped at the car for a drink because sun was shining in on the dashboard.  After my run the baggie was warm, the washcloth wasn't really warm but it wasn't cold either.  I used it to wipe the sweat off, changed and headed off to Panera Bread for lunch and studying.  I got quite a lot done.  I knew that if I went somewhere I'd sit and actually do the work, at home I'd have taken a shower first and would have found a way to get distracted.  Oh, I almost forgot, I saw a pair of mallard ducks right as I was getting back to my car.  Nobody was launching any boats at the boat launch today so they were just hanging out.  I got my camera out of the car and took a couple pictures.  I will add them to the post when I get home as I don't have the camera cord here.
Here is the Garmin map of my run:  my 10.5 mile run
Well, it's time to head home.  It was a great day for a run.

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