Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is it really November?

What a beautiful day today! It was in the high 50s and maybe even low 60s all day.  I had to work until 4:30 and after work went to the park to go running.  I ran in shorts and short sleeve shirt on November 14th!!! The only problem was that I ran out of daylight and could only run 5 miles.  I wanted to run more.  I didn't think I should be out alone after dark even though this park is in a good area. 
The wooded trail is so different than the last time I ran through there, the leaves are all off the trees now and the weeds have died down so you can see the river clearly now.  The trail was covered in a thick layer of leaves which made it slippery and hides the tree roots and rocks.  I stumbled on a rock once but didn't fall.  Even though I was running in the last hour of daylight I saw lots of others out there running too!  I love being out running and seeing other people doing it too.  When I run the roads around where I live I never see anyone else running. 

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