Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot

I got up early this morning to go run 6.2 miles!!  I ran a very informal turkey trot held at the YMCA I belong to.  It was fun.  The course was a 5K course with the option to run it once or twice.  I suggested that last year and everyone thought I was nuts!!  I wanted to run 10K since there is no Thursday night group run tonight. My friend, Carol, said she'd run with me.  Carol has been running good lately, she has been Miss Speedy lately!  She's been winning or placing in her age group (same age group as me) in everything she enters lately.  I didn't want to hold her back but she insisted.  She took off at the end and finished just ahead of me on the UPHILL finishI had just over 55 minutes which is right around 8:50 pace.  I haven't run that fast that far in a very long time so I am happy with it.  She was talking the whole time, I had a very hard time talking.  9 minutes is about where running becomes a non-conversational pace for me.  
I can't believe what I did, I forgot to clear my last run out of my Garmin before the race.  
Well, just got a call, time to head out to Grandma's for dinner!!  Good thing I've already pre-burned 600 calories!!!!  

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