Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once again...the old lady comes in 1st place!!!

This is getting to be so much fun!!  Today was exam day in Human Bio class.  This test was hard, very complicated stuff like the nervous system and endocrine system and a bunch of other stuff too. 
I again got the highest grade in the class!! 
I had my laptop with me today and I checked for grades just before heading to lab but they weren't posted.  When the teacher got there he said he got them posted but since it was time to start lab I wasn't able to look.  When we were cleaning up another student asked if I had my computer with me so we could look up the grades.  I was all nervous, I wasn't sure how I did and I didn't want to click on the word "grades" but when I did there was my ID# right up there at the top of the list!!!!!  The student who was looking at the grades with me had been .02 of a percentage point ahead of me but I had passed him!!!  The teacher was laughing at us!  We admitted we were total nerds!! 
Tonight I ran an 8K in a big park where they put up a huge drive through light display every year.  Opening night they have a run through it.  It's fun, there are no bibs or time or winners, I think they do it for the $$ to help pay for the HUGE electric bill they must get every January!  The tshirt is really cool this year.  I like it. I remember doing this run last year, it was FREEZING.  This year it was somewhere around 50.  I only wore 1 layer! 
Well, I have a paper to work on, I totally ignored this paper and another assignment I have for english class all weekend so I could study for the bio test. 

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