Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Parade

Last night I drove an ambulance in a Christmas parade in one of the small towns in our service area.  
Each year on the night of the parade and the tree lighting in the park they put out luminaries made from milk jugs along both sides of main street.  A couple years ago I drove through the town on that night and saw them.  It is really something to see, very beautiful.   When I was on my way to work it was still light out but the luminaries were sitting out along the street.  They look funny when it's light, they look like milk jugs!! When it is dark and they have a candle burning inside them they don't look like milk jugs.  I took a few pictures when  I was stopped during the parade.  I was driving very slow and had to stop a lot since the float in front of me included people walking.  There were a lot of kids walking in it too so it moved slow like most parades do.  The luminaries show in the pictures but it's not as pretty as seeing them.  I love luminaries and candles.  My kids say I have an obsession with fire because I like to light lots of candles.  One year we had a hayride party and I had carved a bunch of jack-o-lanterns and had them around the yard and I had orange luminaires around the area where we had a fire going.  I tried to do the same thing the next year but it was too windy and they wouldn't stay lit.  I usually put luminaries along our driveway on Christmas eve, sometimes they stay lit and sometimes they don't.
I posted the pictures I took of the luminaries, hopefully they show up enough.  I also posted a pic of one of the fire trucks with christmas lights on it!  It was blocking the street where all the paraders entered the street from the staging area in shopping center parking lot.
I'm not very good at doing this, I don't know how to arrange the pictures but this isn't quite what I had in mind!!  I have a computer class next semester, who knows maybe I will become more tech-savvy! ha ha! 

I feel like lighting candles now!!

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