Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Christmas Get-Together

Today we went to a family get together at the home of relatives in Ohio.  We had a drive of about 1.5 hours.  I took my Detroit Free Press to read on the way.  I sure learned a lot on my way to the relatives today!
I read that the former Mayor assistant/mistress is making payments of $245 per month to pay off the fines ($100,000) she was charged; she has yet to find a new job and is living on savings and help from family to support 9 and 11 yr old children.  She has been considered for some good jobs but was not hired for fear of the publicity that could happen.
I learned that there is a company in Livonia that puts up christmas lights at homes and businesses then takes it all down and packages it all for storage in January.  It costs $600-$1000 for a home.  WOW!  They have customers all over the state.
I read an article about Diagnostic Medical Sonographer training programs. This is a career field that is growing and in demand.  Most programs have waiting lists for students to get in.  (There were a lot of students in my Human Bio class who were planning to go into the DMS program. )
UM is starting a new weekend MBA program for people who work full time.  They will attend classes Friday evening after work and all day Saturday two weekends per month for 2 years.  
I learned that holiday sales are still a bit lacking and the sales of gift cards are expected to be high this week.  Stores like gift cards since most people will spend at least a little more than the value of the gift card.  Yep, done that!
I saw pictures of the home of the captain of the Detroit Red Wings decorated for Christmas swedish style.  It's very pretty, kind of makes me want to do some decorating here.
I learned that there is a nicotine vaccine in the works.  The article told the story of one man in the trial who had great results.  He received a shot once a month for five months.  After the first shot he was already not craving anymore and cigarettes no longer tasted good, burned and gave him headaches.  That was 3 years ago and he has not smoked since.  It's not on the market yet and another study is starting at the end of this year.  WOW!  I know so many people who wish they could quit smoking.
MSU is building a new art museum.
An endangered gray wolf was killed in the Upper Peninsula, the DNR and USFWS are investigating.
Michigan is third in Christmas tree production. (Oregon 1st, N Carolina 2nd)

I learned something I never knew--there is a state song called "Michigan, My Michigan"  The words were printed in the paper:

A song to thee, fair state of mine,
Michigan, my Michigan.
But greater song than this is thine,
Michigan, my Michigan.

The thunder of the inland sea,
The whisper of the towering tree,
United in one grand symphony,
Michigan, my Michigan.

I sing a song of all the best,
Michigan, my Michigan.
I sing a state with riches blessed,
Michigan, my Michigan.

The mines unmask a hidden store,
But richer thy historic lore,
More great the love thy builders bore,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Glow fair the bosom of they lakes,
Michigan, my Michigan.
What melody each river makes,
Michigan, my Michigan.

As to thy lakes thy rivers tend,
Thy exiled ones still to thee send
Devotion that shall never end,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Rich in the wealth that makes a state,
Michigan, my Michigan
Great in the things that make men great,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Eager the voice that sounds thy claim,
Under the golden roll of fame,
Willing the hand that writes the name,
Michigan, my Michigan.

Yes, I was happily reading my Detroit Free Press all the way there!  I have never had a problem reading in the car.
My sister who lives in California was there today!!  I haven't seen her since last Christmas.
My Grandma started a grab bag gift exchange years ago.  She thought there were just too many things bought and given and too much wrapping paper ripped up!  Grandma didn't like us ripping wrapping paper!  We are still doing this, Grandma died in 2001 but we never even considered not carrying on the tradition of grab bag gifts!  Grandma also gave everyone a brown grocery bag filled with all kinds of things and not always things you think of giving as Christmas gifts.  Some of the things I can remember being in our bags were things like catsup, thread, oranges, apples, potatoes, and even toilet paper!! (yes, I'm serious!)  Grandma was in assisted living and a nursing home the last 7 years of her life so the brown bags stopped during that time but not the grab bag.  Grandma was at my house for the family Christmas parties every year to preside over the grab bag festivites!  The year after my Grandma died my Aunt wanted to bring back the brown bags.  We do it differently now, my Aunt passes out  the brown bags and we all contribute things.  Some of the things that landed in the bags this year were small packs of kleenex, tea bags, cocoa mix, dishcloths that my aunt made, popcorn, and lots of other stuff.  (No toilet paper this year but there has been times that toilet paper has appeared in the bags!!!! )
One thing the family Christmas parties has never lacked is food!  I ate way too much today.  Good thing I get to start going to my Tuesday morning running group again this week!  I sure have missed it and now I really need it!

info from Detroit Free Press. 20 December 2009. Print edition. Sections A,B,C,D.

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